FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about what the best sex cam sites are. For your convenience, we decided to throw up this faq page with the most commonly asked questions about sex cam sites and live webcam models.


Below you will find detailed information about how sex cam sites work, how much models get paid, how you can use cam sites safely and much more. In case you still have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Page.’


We hope you find all the answers to your questions about the sex cam business!

  • What is a sex cam site?

    Sex cam sites are essentially adult focused interactive platforms that allow people to communicate using their webcams anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home. Webcam models typically use a specific software to stream live online, while appearing categorically organized on the sex cam site. On the other end, the end user can visit the webcam site, click on any thumbnail and land in the so-called "chat room" of a model. As a user, you can also signup to the site in order to buy credits and spend them on the models in order to get a more "sexually fulfilling" experience.

  • Who are the webcam models?

    Most sex cam sites have models working from across the globe. In the past eastern European women had the large majority. Although this is still the case on some cam sites, we can clearly see a huge increase in popularity among western European models too. Especially in the United States an increasing amount of women seem to be flocking to the cam sites in order to make some extra money on the side. We have seen models from all age and ethnic groups performing. It seems to be an ever-growing worldwide phenomenon.

  • Is it safe to work as a webcam model, without being exploited?

    The nature of how sex cam sites work makes it highly unlikely for the models to be exploited. The fact that anyone can register, and stream from the comfort of their home, makes it an incredibly safe option for people to make money as a webcam model. In some cases, webcam models might be working from studios. Webcam studios offer a convenient entry-point to becoming a webcam model by offering the necessary funding, hardware and support needed to quickly become successful. Fortunately, reports about abuse in such Studios are rare or close to none.

  • How much money do webcam models make?

    The amount a webcam model earns depends on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that play a major role are: The commission paid by the site, the amount of time spent online, the quality of live feed, the experience and so on. However, a major contributing factor to actually becoming successful lies within each model and their ability to interact with people online. Character may be the most important factor to consider when asking how much money a webcam models makes. The biggest earning models can make up to $30K per week or more. Typically sites tend to part with about 50% of the income with the models.

  • Can I use a sex cam site safely & anonymously as a visitor?

    The first thing you ought to do when you visit a sex cam site, is to check in the upper left corner, right next to the domain, whether a "lock" sign is displayed. If it is, this means the site is paying for a professional encryption service in order to guarantee 100% safety for the web surfer. It also means that any information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is kept private and encrypted when entered to the site. Your activity on the site itself is monitored only on the basis of making sure you don't break any rules or perform any illegal activity. When it comes to bank statements, these are always sent with a completely generic, non-adult message (for example: Electronically delivered services).

  • What kind of information would I need to share with the site?

    What you share with the site is completely up to you. The large majority of cam sites will allow you to surf their sites freely without having to provide any information. In case you found a site you really like, then you can sign up using nothing more than an email address in order to get a username. Having a username is beneficial in order to get unlimited access to model profiles and so on. Lastly, in order to get the full experience, you can also pay to get credits or tokens which you can spend on the models. In this case, most people will use a credit card, but the cam sites tend to offer numerous other anonymous payment methods like gift cards or Bitcoins.

  • Are all webcam streams live and happening in real-time?

    Absolutely. We can guarantee that any site listed on bestlivecamsite.com will not have any recorded cam shows pretending to be live. The last time we heard about something like that happening was over 5 years ago. Since then, it seems the cam sites have managed to put the necessary security measures in place in order to guarantee 100% Live stream action on their sites. In the unlikely event that you should run into such an issue, just contact the site support and get a refund. They wouldn't dare to argue since it's one of the biggest site rules a model could break.

  • What is so special about live sex webcams anyway?

    Just like any other industry, porn also continues to re-invent itself. Webcam sites are able to offer you a better, more interactive experience. These sites can offer you so much more than traditional porn because you can actually share your guilty pleasures with a stranger. While masturbation on recorded porn tends to be a lonely experience ending in a short burst of pleasure followed by guilt, live cam sites can take your sexual experiences to whole new levels. Cam sex websites are not just about sex either. People tend to make good friends and find their soulmates all the time. Many even fall into long lasting online relationships with equal emotional bonds to real life, yet respecting the occasional need for some 'space'.

  • Do I need any technology for a cam site to work properly?

    we recommend that you have your Adobe flash player installed on your device and enabled in your browser. Some sex cam sites might not work properly if you don't. In order to check if you have it installed you may visit the official page of Adobe here: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

  • How can I chat privately with a model I like?

    Not all sites work the same way, but most of them have a pretty similar system. It is fair to separate the status of a chat in two ways: "Free Chat" vs "Private Chat". In Free Chat, everyone can see what others are typing to the model, which can be fun, but not if you want to be alone with a model. In case you want to chat privately with a webcam model, you need to buy credits and then click on a button that says "Private Chat" or something along those lines. Once you do that, the only person seeing what you type will be the model, and usually the model will only your messages as well.

  • What are credits or tokens?

    Most sex cam sites make use of a virtual currency in order to allow users on the site to spend money safely and securely. Usually, you will offered to buy a so-called "Credit Package" of your choice, which will then be attributed to your account as your balance. You may then use that balance to spend it on the models that you enjoy to hang out with. You know how girls like to be spoiled? Well cam girls are no different. And on top of that, it's easy to get them undressed!

  • How much do webcam credits cost?

    The price of webcam tokens or credits depends on the site. They may attribute the value of their virtual currency at their sole discretion. Some sites may charge you $1 for a credit, others may charge you $1 for 50 credits. In the end, it doesn't matter, since the credits you spend on the models will differ as well. Most of the time, when chatting privately, you are being charged on per minute basis. So for example: 2 credits per minute. If you spend 5 minutes in private chat with a model that may result in a final cost of about $10.

  • Can I get my money back in case I am dissatisfied with my show?

    In the unfortunate case that you end up dissatisfied with a private show, you may have a chance at getting your money back. This will depend on a combination of factors like the site you used, the demands you made, and how much time you allowed the model to perform your requested acts. webcam models tend to display their sexual "willingness" on their profile in order to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, if you asked to see something which isn't displayed in the profile then your chances will be thin. But, if a model is clearly a time waster, you should be able to prove it and get your money back. There is no shame in wanting a good show for your money, so do not hesitate to chat with support.

  • Are there any recurring charges if I sign up and buy credits?

    Sex cam sites rarely work with subscription models. If they do offer any such service, it will be considered a premium offer with additional benefits which is free to opt in or out of. So, in the majority of cases, you will only pay when you decide to use the site. That is the point of the virtual currency called credits or tokens. It allows you to buy packages, which you may then use whenever you feel like it.